DreamWork Mission and Ethics Statement

Mission: There are 100 million dreamers actively and regularly using the New DreamWork dream interpretation methodology to more clearly understand the meaning of their dreams, know the right action to take to align with their Inner Wisdom and take a ConsciousSystems approach to sustainably changing their lives and the world for the better. This is a tipping point that raises human consciousness globally.

New DreamWork Ethics Statement

The foundation of New DreamWork (NDW) is a specific methodology that has three parts (Pillars).

  • The first Pillar is Dream Assignments, the dreamer’s ability to ask important questions and receive “perfect” guidance in a dream. Please note that this guidance is perfect in the fact that it comes from the Dreamer’s Inner Wisdom, not the facilitator or DreamWork Coach. We might also call this divine guidance.
  • The second Pillar of DreamWork is CharacterTypes (CTypes) for right action. Again, the right action flows inside out from the dreamer.
  • The final Pillar is ConsciousSystems. Everything in the universe is comprised of systems and subsystems, including people’s lives. These systems are responsible for in excess of 90% of the results we experience in life, both good and not so good. To change, grow and solve problems, we must shift the systems in which we live and work. ConsciousSystems is a systematic approach developed by David Dibble to implement changes that align with the guidance of Inner Wisdom. Because this approach actually shifts the systems in which dreamers live and work, life change is accelerated and made sustainable.

It should be noted that successfully employing any or all of the 3 Pillars of DreamWork require work and/or practice on the part of the dreamer. If you are looking for easy answers outside yourself, NDW is not for you.

DreamWork is more than a dream interpretation methodology. Still, it is dream interpretation/intuition and the nightly connection to Inner Wisdom that is foundational to DreamWork. It is this connection and the DreamWork dream interpretation methodology that allows the dreamer to uncover the meaning of a dream for him or herself. While this methodology has proven effective over more than 30 years, there are other useful methodologies that a dreamer may want to consider in knowing the nightly guidance encoded in every dream. However, regardless of methodology, NDW believes that, in the end, only the dreamer can know the guidance in his or her dreams and that guidance will show up most often as intuitive hits or “aha’s” in one way or another.

The NDW methodology is mass teachable to everyday dreamers to the point where anyone can, on his or her own, learn how to gain valuable guidance and knowledge from his/her dreams. The ConsciousSystems aspect of NDW is, we believe, unique to the NDW methodology. These distinctions are vital to NDW achieving its mission (see above).

NDW is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD), supports its Ethics Statement and has borrowed some of it ethics verbiage in the statements below:

NDW assigns no authority or knowledge of the dream’s meanings to someone other than the dreamer. The NDW methodology only helps the dreamer work with his/her own dream images, feelings, and associations, and guides the dreamer to more fully experience, appreciate, and understand the dream.

NDW is vigilant to insure privacy and confidentiality in dealing with clients, research subjects or members of the general public; and to prevent and avoid any situation where a conflict of interest may compromise the capacity for making prudent and objective decisions and responses.

NDW openly supports dream workers and dreamers. NDW shares its basic methodologies and tools with all who are interested in understanding the nature and meaning of dreams, including individual dreamers, groups interested in dreams or dream workers who are assisting dreamers in understanding the meanings of their dreams. As a potential benefit for dream worker or dreamer alike, aspects of the NDW dream interpretation method are designed to be easily incorporated into other high value dream interpretation and personal growth methodologies.