Join Us for DreamWork Day and DreamWork Coach Certification to Help Reveal the Deeper Meaning of Your Dreams and Make a Positive Difference and Impact on the Planet! 

What: DreamWork Day and DreamWork Coach Certification

When: October 17, 2013 – Marina Village Conference Center, San Diego, CA

Hosted by: David & Linda Dibble and New DreamWork

David Linda DreamWork Day is a special day honoring dreams & dreaming, dreamers and DreamWorkers around the world. We might call it the “Great Gathering” for those interested in going deeper into their dreams or possibly their client’s dreams.

In many ways, DreamWork Day will be a continuation of the DreamWork Summit in which we brought you experts on dreams and dreaming from around the world.

Only in this case the event is live with a global live-stream broadcast for those who can’t attend in person.



What You’ll Get From This Amazing Day Together:

  • Lean how you can use your dreams to address the biggest concerns in your life right now including: relationship issues, health issues, financial issues, issues at work or growing your business, or creating purpose or meaning in your life. Whatever is keeping you up at night, we will show you how to access the divine guidance that is always there for you in your dreams.
  • Learn to do your own Dream Assignments or use Dream Assignments to work with a client. Ask any question and receive “perfect guidance” in a dream using Dream Assignments.
  • Learn how to get to the deeper meaning of any dream.
  • Learn how to remember your dreams.
  • Learn about lucid dreams, “power” dreams, recurring dreams, nightmares, group dreaming, daydreaming, the waking dream, and why dreams are the DNA of human transformation.



ThreePillars#1 Be introduced to the 3 Pillars DreamWork:

DreamWork Dream Interpretation

CharacterTypes – Models For Thinking and Relating

ConsciousSystems – Taking “Right Action” to Align Our Lives or Our Client’s Lives With the Divine Guidance in Our Dreams




2.  Experience in person our panel of experts from the DreamWork Summit answering your questions about dreams, dreaming and the meaning of dreams.

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with members of our DreamWork Experts Panel. It’s not often we have this level of dreamwork expertise gathered in one place to share their insights with you. These include bestselling authors, world-class speakers, pioneers in Dreamwork, amazing dream and Dreamwork coaches and simply amazingly accomplished people.

The DreamWork Experts Panel (moderated by David Dibble) currently includes (with more experts on the way):


Kelly Sullivan Walden says dreams have a language all their own—and being fluent in that language reveals the wisdom to live the life of your dreams while you’re awake.

Author of seven books, including the newly released Bestseller, It’s All In Your Dreams, I Had the Strangest Dream, and Dream Oracle Cards, Kelly Sullivan Walden is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, inspirational speaker and founder of Dream-Life Coach Training.


For over twenty years, Dr. Michael Lennox has interpreted thousands of dreams.  His fascination with this nighttime phenomenon began when he was a teenager after reading his mother’s copy of Freud’s “Interpretation of Dreams.”  Having had vivid and memorable dream experiences from the time he was a small boy, the notion that they could be analyzed and understood on a deeper level was an almost overpowering concept. Published by Llewellyn, he is the author of  DreamSight: A Dictionary & Guide for Interpreting Any Dream.

VICTORIA ALLENVictoria Allen is a lover of beauty, tender of dreams, cradler of souls and mentor of minds. As a transformational life coach, devoted to awakening LOVE, she is here to remind you that…

When Love Trumps Fear You Wake Up To Your Life.

As founder of Raise Your State Teachings, she inspires clients to release patterns of needless suffering to create greater ease in their lives and relationships. Her time-tested methods have created two signature programs. 9 Pacts of Power connects people with their inner strength to raise the state of their lives. And, Ignite Your Brilliant Powers takes people beyond fear and limitation to spark the heart lights that illuminate Love.

ATHENA KOLINSKIAthena Kolinski, M.A., (USA) is a Religious Studies professor for the online bachelor’s program at University of Philosophical Research, where she attained her second master’s degree in Consciousness Studies. She also attended California State University, Northridge for her first master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (focus in Religious and Chicano Studies), and a bachelor of arts in Religious Studies.

Stephanie BartonFor more than 20 years, Stephanie Barton has been immersed in the field of human development, helping people realize their full potential by honoring their dreams and visions. She is the founder of Life Dream Coaching, an international practice based in Park City, UT.  Stephanie teaches self-expansion courses, workshops and retreats.  She is also the resident life coach for the Waldorf Astoria, Golden Door Spa Destination Program in Park City.

KATHLEEN O'KEEF-KANAVOSKathleen O’Keefe Kanavos survived cancer twice by taking responsibility for her own healing regimen. Despite the fact that all the medical tests conducted by her doctors at Dana Farber showed no sign of cancer, Kathleen’s intuition and prayer told her otherwise. Kathleen shares her insights in how to heed you inner physician, navigate a sometimes near-sighted medical system, and make the best use of both conventional and alternative therapies while overcoming illness.

Suzanne Strisower

Have Your Life Purpose Come to You in Your Dreams

Every person dreams and every person has a life purpose…Learn how you can connect with your life purpose through your dreams – easily and effortlessly while you sleep. Discover the dream experiences you can have that will reveal your purpose in life to you. These include communications with guides, experiences with animals, dream symbols and other easy to understand dream expressions, plus stories of people who have had their dreams reveal their purpose to them.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA3. You’ll Meet Amazing People (Kindred Spirits) With A Deep And Shared Interest In Dreams, DreamWork, and DreamWork Coaching

What will amaze you in attending DreamWork Day is the sheer quality of the participants; you’ll be just as impressed with the person sitting next to you as with the people on the stage, on the Experts Panel or those facilitating group activities. These include bestselling authors, world-class speakers, pioneers in Dreamwork, amazing dream and Dreamwork coaches and simply amazingly accomplished people. This is what makes DreamWork Day truly unique. Yes, it’s day of inspired learning and kindred spirit connection celebrating dreamers,  dreamworkers, dreams, and dreaming and even a new dream for the planet.


David Supporting copy4. Get the Tools to Take Your Life and Work to the Next Level

Designed to teach you how to bring out the most of your capabilities as a dreamer, coach, and human being, DreamWork Day shares the juicy stuff you wish they had taught you in school. Whatever it is you do, whether you’re simply interested in going deeper into your dreams, a seasoned coach or looking for your next business idea, the experience will teach you to connect to your divine guidance in your dreams, to take right action to solve any life/work issue, accomplish more, and start having more joy in your life.



Kathy laughing copy

 5. You’ll have heaps of FUN

DreamWork Day is designed to be fast paced, participative, and fun. We believe we learn the most when we’re having fun. It’s a beautiful dream, yes?








LOGISTICS for DreamWork Day and/or the DreamWork Coach Certification Program

Please print out a copy of this email and bring it with you to the event and/or training. It contains important information that you will find useful in your participation in the Oct. 17 DreamWork Day and/or the Oct 18-20 DreamWork Coach Certification.

Your homework prior to the events is to read David’s books, “Dreamwork Dream Interpretation” and “CharacterTypes, Models for Relating”. If you don’t have copies, let us know and we will email them to you.


Logistics for the Training:

Air Travel: Flights should be to San Diego International Airport (SAN).

Location of the Events: We are meeting at the lovely:

Marina Village Conference Center

(Terrace Room)

1936 Quivira Way – San Diego, CA 92109

Tel (619) 222-1620.

(15 minutes from the airport)



From Interstate 5: Take the Sea World Drive Exit. From Sea World Drive, take *West Mission Bay Drive, on your right. When you see a large green sign that says Quivira Road, get in the farthest left of the two left turn lanes. Turn left, go one very short block and turn left again. Drive about .4 mile and Marina Village will be on your right.

From Interstate 8: Take West Mission Bay Drive exit to the right. You will be on Ingraham for a short distance from which you will take the next exit marked West Mission Bay Drive. Then follow the above directions from the *asterisk.

Note Be sure you take WEST Mission Bay Drive, not EAST Mission Bay Drive

Parking: There is free parking in the lot in front of the Terrace Room, which is at the left end of the large parking lot when facing the bay/ocean.


Schedules for the Courses:

DreamWork Day (Terrace Room)

Thursday, October 17:  8:30 am registration

9:00 am–5:00 pm – Course Activities


DreamWork Coach Certification (Terrace Room)


Friday, October 18:  8:30 am registration

9:00 am–5:00 pm – Course Activities

Saturday, October 19:  9:00 am–5:00 pm – Course Activities

Sunday, October 20:  9:00 am–5:00 pm – Course Activities


Refreshments: Coffee, tea and water will be provided each day. There will be frequent breaks and approximately 75 minutes for lunch starting at approximately 12:30 pm each day. All course materials will be provided.

What to Wear: Dress is casual and comfortable. Bring a sweater or light jacket with you to the room as the temperature is kept cool for optimum learning; this can be a little chilly for some people.


Phone Numbers:

Linda’s mobile – 858-945-4881

David’s mobile – 858-775-0722

David’s Office – 760-431-7893

Marina Village Conference Center 619-222-1620



Below is a list of hotels for those who need accommodations. These hotels are approximately 5-15 minutes from the Marina Village conference center. Most hotels have shuttles to and from airport to hotel. A car will be needed for those staying at hotels not within walking distance of conference center.



We have blocked rooms at the Dana Inn.  

**DANA INN & MARINA (5-10 minutes walking)

1710 West Mission Bay Drive

San Diego, CA 92109

(619) 222-6440

An advance deposit or credit card guarantee for the first night’s room and tax is due by September 16, 2013.  Individuals must identify themselves as part of New Agreements, Inc. at the time of making reservations in order to be eligible for the special group rate. Please call (800) 445-3339 or (619)-222-6440 to make reservations.  When booking online from The Dana website ( <> ), please click on the Group Reservations tab and enter the following Attendee Code: DREAM

Room Rates: Standard Two Queen Beds, Single $129, Double $129


All rates are subject to the prevailing city and state taxes to include a 2% San Diego Tourism Assessment Fee, a 10.5% Occupancy tax

and a .085% California Tourism Fee that are subject to change without notice.

The Hotel understands all reservations will be held on an individual basis. In the event the Group has not picked up 50% of the total block 45 days prior to arrival, the remaining rooms will be released. If the group has met the pick up requirement, rooms will continue to be held until the cut off date of September 21, 2013. Rooms will be held until the cut off date of September 21, 2013. Reservations requests received after September 21, 2013 will be accommodated at the sole discretion of the hotel at the prevailing rate offered at the time of the reservation.

Hotel check-in time is after 4:00PM on the day of arrival.  Checkout time is before 12:00PM on the day of departure.

Parking: $10.00 overnight charge for registered vehicles

Resort Fee: $9.00 per night


Other Hotels below ask for Marina Village Conference Center Rates

**HYATT ISLANDIA (5-10 minutes walking)

1221 Quivira Road

San Diego, CA 92109

(619) 224-1234


BAHIA HOTEL (10 Minutes driving)

998 West Mission Bay Drive

San Diego CA 92109

(858) 488-1081


BEST WESTERN BLUE SEA LODGE (10 minutes driving)

707 Pacific Beach Drive

San Diego CA 92109

(858) 488-4700 x 426


CATAMARAN RESORT INN (10 minutes driving)

3999 Mission Bay Boulevard

San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 488-1081


PACIFIC TERRACE INN (15 minutes driving)

610 Diamond Street

San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 581-3500


HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS (15 minutes driving)

4610 De Soto Street

San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 483-9800


Anyone attending the DreamWork Coach Certification Program (CCP) also gets a free ticket to DreamWork Day, an amazing 1-day program scheduled for the day before the CCP. We recommend anyone taking the CCP seriously consider coming in a day early and attending DreamWork Day.

Don_Miguel_Ruiz“They will show you how to create the dream and life you are meant to live and how to teach others to do the same.” -Don Miguel Ruiz

I was David and Linda’s teacher for eight years. After eight years, I told them it was time for them to teach. They are master teachers and coaches who have made their DreamWork into a powerful transformational path, both at work and at home. They will show you how to create the dream and life you are meant to live and how to teach others to do the same.

— Don Miguel Ruiz, author The Four Agreements

Dr. Sherri“David is one of the most wholesome, honest and inspiring people I’ve ever worked with.”

“David is one of the most wholesome, honest and inspiring people I’ve ever worked with. His honesty and work ethic is to be both admired and copied. I really enjoyed working with him, especially with ConsciousSystems in healthcare.”

—Dr Sherri Tenpenny, AOBEM, AOBNMM, ABIHM – Medical Consultant for Parker-Hannifin


Mitra“David and Linda truly love unconditionally and will teach you how to have that for yourself and others in your life. I would not be where I’m at in my life without them.”

“For the past 15 years, David and Linda have been wonderful mentors in my life. They have done a lot of DreamWork with me and taught me how to use DreamWork with my clients. It’s such a help in getting to the heart of my client’s issues and knowing what to do to address life problems. My husband and I also use DreamWork almost daily in some form to deepen our relationship and address issues instead of letting things fester. David and Linda truly love unconditionally and will teach you how to have that for yourself and others in your life. I would not be where I’m at in my life without them.

—Mitra Sarkhosh, LMFT – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist License # MFC 41578

Sierra“DreamWork has completely changed my life.”

“I discovered DreamWork through my mom when I was thirteen. She had been doing DreamWork with David and Linda for years and thought it might help me through some really rough times in my life. DreamWork has completely changed my life. It has been a companion and a friend to me. Because of learning all these tools, I was able to truly follow the path that my heart was leading me to. I’m 15 now. I have become the youngest certified yoga instructor in the nation. I spoke at a TEDx about everything I am doing. I am being featured on a PBS special and I have been able to start creating several businesses that I have had in my head for years. All of these things, opportunities, and experiences I have had branched from DreamWork and following the guidance of my Inner Wisdom. I enjoy learning it, teaching it, and using it in my everyday life. I’m using it now to help others change like I did.”

—Sierra Goldstein – Speaker at TEDx