David and Linda DibbleDavid Dibble: In his early thirties, having achieved the American Dream, David found himself questioning his life. He had it all–the big house, fast cars, great wife and kids, respect as a leader in his industry, and plenty of money–but felt empty and somehow alone. He filled the void with fast living and substance abuse. As might be expected, this was adversely affecting his relationships at home and at work. Then, he had a powerful spiritual experience that completely changed him in a matter of minutes. He stopped the substance abuse that day, asked his beautiful wife, Linda, for a second chance to be a better husband and father, and began creating a new life based upon universal spiritual principles and conscious systems. He became an avid seeker on a spiritual path and was fortunate to work with some truly great teachers. In the process, he became a teacher himself.

David’s pioneering work in the area of DreamWork, CharacterTypes (Inner Astrology), Conscious Systems, DreamWork Coaching and The Four Agreements at Work, are now being widely recognized. He has written four books including DreamWork Dream Interpretation, CharacterTypes–Models for Relating, The New Agreements in the Workplace, and The New Agreements in Healthcare. David is the winner of the prestigious “T” Award for Innovation in Coaching. He is the creator of ConsciousSystems for Coaches, for the first time bringing both systems and consciousness to the coaching profession. David studied for eight years with don Miguel Ruiz, author of the best selling The Four Agreements and is one of two people worldwide licensed to teach The Four Agreements at Work.

For the now more than three decades, he has studied and practiced universal spiritual principles, DreamWork, Conscious Coaching and best practice business systems. He has taken the best of everything he has learned and packaged it into the revolutionary body of knowledge known simply as DreamWork. Along the way, he has evolved into a highly skilled, yet practical spiritual teacher. His mission in this lifetime, imparted to him in a powerful dream, is to take DreamWork into the world in such a way that it becomes a catalyst for raising human consciousness globally.

David believes this is a critical time for humanity. It’s our time to wake up to a more sustainable way of thinking–a higher consciousness–at work and at home. Today, David feels as though he has been preparing most of his working life to take these remarkable bodies of knowledge that comprise DreamWork into the world in significant and meaningful ways. As his dharma, he is honored to do this work with you as his higher purpose for work in this lifetime. He is a teacher of teachers and believes his real work, like many of the gathering kindred spirits, has only begun.

David is a prolific writer, award-winning keynote speaker, consultant, trainer and executive coach. He has been married to beautiful Linda for 42 years and has three grown children who light up thier lives. His favorite things to do are teaching, speaking, writing, laughing, surfing, playing bad golf, and throwing bricks through the TV at the end of every Charger season. He is persistent in doing his best to model what he teaches, with daily practices to quiet the mind, regular exercise, healthy cooking and a generally healthy life style.

Linda Dibble: People who know Linda say she is the closest thing to a walking angel they have met. Aside from the mental lapse of saying yes when David asked her to marry him, she is an amazing human being. She is a master life coach, primarily using Dream Assignments, CharacterTypes and The Four Agreements as her coaching tools. She is also Director of Training for on-site DreamWork Coach Certification and other live programs. She is a teacher of meditation, practices yoga daily, and has been on a spiritual path for 30 years, for eight years studying directly with don Miguel Ruiz, author of the best selling The Four Agreements.

don Vinnie Dibble: don Vinnie, the Chihuahua, is the new addition to the Dibble team. He is called don Vinnie because he now rules the Dibble household with an iron paw. His duties include barking, jumping on things, chewing to small bits everything of value, begging, whining, scratching, sleeping, eating and doing his business in (thankfully) predictable places. don Vinnie is a master teacher of patience and laughter–for us.