Heal Using Dream Work Therapy: 5 Reasons Why it Works and 2 Tips on How to Get Started-Tonight!

Introduction: My guest blogger today is Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos who  survived aggressive breast cancer—three times—that was missed by physicians and the scientific tests on which they relied. However, her prophetic dreams empowered her with information used to convincing her doctor to do exploratory surgery. Pathology validated her dreams and found cancer that three blood tests, mammograms, and physicals missed. For Breast Cancer Awareness month Kat and I will be guest bloggers. My blogs will be on her sites accessible by her website and she will share four Dreams of Healing from clients, Radio show call-ins, and her book, SURVIVING CANCERLAND: Intuitive Aspects of Healing.


Heal Using Dream Work Therapy: 5 Reasons Why it Works and 2 Tips on How to Get Started-Tonight!

Did you know that you have a team of therapists—in your dreams? Your physician-within is your innate medical consultant. This month, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness I will be sharing blogs on healing dreams. Stress has been linked directly to cancer. Inner-therapy can be a part of our health.

LUCID DREAM 6Are you aware that you have an Inner-Freud, a personal therapist, who knows your every concern, fear, and secret and has the perfect solution for you?  You have a direct line to profound FREE therapy that can circumvent years of traditional expensive psychotherapy or be used in concert with traditional therapy.

Your dreams are important because they may hold the answers to your worst nightmares.  Here are some facts to back-up that statement.

By age 60, you will have slept an average of 175,200 hours, dreamed roughly 87,000 hours, and experienced about 197,100 dreams? If dreams are so unimportant, why do we spend so much precious time doing nothing? If dreams have no merit in our waking life, why have they been an area of study for centuries by some of the most brilliant minds in medicine?

An average person dreams for about three hours each night during the five stages of sleep.  Although we are still learning why we dream, we do know that our dreams occur most commonly in the fifth stage, known as the rapid eye movement (REM) stage and early morning dreaming.

During REM the muscles of your body enter a state of deep relaxation while your brain becomes hyperactive, leading to dreams. Most dreamers forget 90% of their dreams when they awaken.  Verbally voicing your intention to remember your dream before you go to sleep can help you retain more of your dreams, including the important parts that may contain healing information from our innate Inner-guidance, our Physician-within which is connected to our Higher Power.

Dreams offer such powerful coding and decoding of the unconscious and subconscious that their messages can literally change your life for the better, forever. They can resolve nagging issues, mend broken relationships, and can be an important part of your healing journey.

Your dreams can also be a profound path to recovery.

Dream Work Therapy is so easy you can do it in your sleep. Remembering to write down your dream or some parts of your dreams, even if they are just tiny “snip its”, can be healing medicine for the body and soul that can:

1.     connect you to the love of your life

2.     break the chains of negative habits and relationships that bind you

3.     guide you into peace of mind

4.     introduce you to your innate Inner Guidance

5.     resolve residual life-issues that have remained a problem

Dream Work Therapy uses the universal principles of dreaming and applies them to the action of Dream Work; simply put—working with your dreams.

The universal principles of learning about dreams hold that every dream is about the dreamer and since human beings are multifaceted beings of both body and spirit, you can expand your awareness of different aspects of yourself by studying your dream figures and the messages they bring to you.  You are in charge of your emotional and physical healing and your dreams are a door through which you can meet your Inner-therapist and Physician-within. We are all born with guardian angels/spirit guides. We are their job and they take that job seriously. Meeting your angels and guides in your dreams is a great way to stay on the path of your Life Purpose to reach your Life Destiny.

Here are two tips to help you get started.

1.) The first step in beginning this therapy is dream-journaling.  Keep a pencil and paper beside your bed. This intention to journal is the start of your dream journal journey.

2.) Write down your dreams as soon as you awaken in the morning. This is the start of a dream journal.  If you cannot remember the whole dream, write down the snip-its (just like the snip-it button on your computer) you do remember, including colors, numbers and the mood you were in when you awoke. Were you sad, crying, angry, happy or laughing?  Your mood is a dream clue.

Your emotional state upon awakening may be a direct reflection of your dream state, and they type of information shared in in the dream and that can be very therapeutic. This can be your first step in therapy. Embrace the information, no matter how painful or confusing. Own it. It’s yours.

We are all born bilingual. We speak Day Language with our family and friends. And we speak Dream Language with ourselves and our Inner Guidance. Each dreamer has a unique language. However, some dreams  use Universal Symbolism mixed in with the language. This is the same symbolic language Dr. Freud used with his patients in psychotherapy. By writing down your dreams, you are learning to speak to yourself using your innate personal dream language that also uses Universal Symbolism.

What does a specific symbol in your dream mean to you? What emotion does it evoke?

The subjects, figures, animals, people and unusual beings in dreams are there to help you and teach you about aspects of yourself that have been ignored, unrealized or forgotten.

That is the basis for Dream Work Therapy. It is easy. It is private and it’s all about you.

In my next blog a breast cancer stage 4 recurrent survivor uses intention and Lady Gaga to get a healing dream of profound content. The phrase, “Ask and you will receive” is powerful. Learn how YOU can use it in the next blog.

I give David Dibble permission to use and post my blog on his sites.

Bio: Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos, Intuitive Life Coach, survived three breast cancers, wrote SURVIVING CANCERLAND: Intuitive Aspects of Healing (Cypress House, Jan 2014) websites: Surviving Cancerland & AccessYourInnerGuide, Hosts Living Well Talk Radio, Om Times Magazine contributor, Cancer Q&A columnist CapeWomenOnlineMagazine, Dream Queen columnist- Wellness Woman 40 & Beyond, http://www.yourdreaminterpretation.com/about-us/, BreastCancerYoga http://breastcanceryogablog.com/kathleen-okeefe-kanavos/ WakeUpWomen; R.A. BLOCH Cancer Foundation Hotline Counselor. Represented by Steve Allen Media

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