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What Did 2012 Really Mean

2012 had been prophesied as the end of times and many concluded that this might mean the wiping out of humanity through some sort of apocalypse. However, this conclusion proved incorrect. You see, time and space exist only in the human mind. Outside the mind, there is no past and future or here and there, only “now” and “everywhere/nowhere.” So let’s go back to the year 2012, the prophetesses, and what any of this has to do with the emergence of DreamWork into the human experience.bigstock_World_Kids_457532

The end of times does not mean the end of humanity. It means the ending of one type of human consciousness and the beginning of another. More specifically, it is the acceleration of the ending of human consciousness based in fear and darkness and the emergence of a higher human consciousness based in love and light. This is the destiny of humanity and a time for celebration for those who have been early adapters or kindred spirits living their lives in higher vibrations. These vibrations will increase for all of us—a lot!

For those stuck in the old fear-based ways, this will be a time of great angst and trouble. Fear is supremely ignorant and believes the love and light will kill it. Fear cannot know that, rather than being eliminated, it will be transformed from the mind-based illusion it has always been. So, as more love and light come on to the planet, fear will fight ever harder for its life. This means that whatever problems we face today, including war, poverty, pollution, greed, and so on will get worse before they get better. Our worse fears must be brought into the light to be healed and transformed. This is a universal spiritual principle and we can rejoice that this time for human healing has finally come. DreamWork is a body of knowledge that will assist humanity in making its shift to higher levels of consciousness.

All humans dream. Dreams are our direct connection to the part of each of us that is eternal, perfectly wise, and ultimately, divine. We call this essence of every human being Inner Wisdom. When we sleep, Inner Wisdom not only reenergizes the body, but also sends each of us divine guidance for resolving our biggest challenges in life—in real time. This guidance repeats all day long and can be heard in deep meditation or as subtle intuitive “hits” during the day. The guidance can also be retrieved through the DreamWork Dream Interpretation method. This amazing dynamic is encoded into each of us before we come into the human experience. It’s in our DNA. But rather than being the DNA of the human body, it is the DNA of the human mind.

DreamWork describes the DNA of the human mind and also contains the programming to change fear-based DNA to love. By definition, this is a process that raises vibration and human consciousness—often quite rapidly. DreamWork is a gift from Spirit designed to assist humanity in adjusting to and making the coming shift to higher levels of human consciousness. Sweet Dreams!


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