What Should I Do! – Practical Use Of Dream Assignments

I don’t make any major moves without doing a Dream Assignment. In 1989, my wife, Linda, was living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with our three children. I was commuting from San Diego, where my business was located.

Coming Home

Coming Home

The business was in trouble, and I was working long hours while still trying to be a good long-distance husband and father. After two years of this arrangement, I was worn out. I told Linda that I felt she should come back to San Diego. She had just rented a house for another year, enrolled the kids in private schools for the year, and her best friend was moving to Santa Fe. It would be very difficult for Linda to move back. We decided to do Dream Assignments in order to know what to do.

Doing A Dream Assignment

We asked Inner Wisdom if we should live in San Diego or Santa Fe. Inner Wisdom didn’t tell us where we should live, but rather that the family should be together. I couldn’t move to Santa Fe, so that meant the family would have to be together in San Diego. Linda was not pleased. It was a terrible time to move back. We each did another Dream Assignment “just to be sure.” All four dreams said the same thing. Linda agreed to move back. In retrospect, Linda now says that the move back from Santa Fe was the best thing we ever did for the family. How could it be otherwise? Inner Wisdom is much wiser than our rational minds could ever be. You can answer your biggest questions in life easily and accurately doing Dream Assignments.


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