What to do About Things That Keep Us Up at Night–BREATHE!

Sweet Dreams!

Sweet Dreams!

You’re Scared – Stop Breathing Like A Hamster

We’ve all at some time been unable to sleep because of things on our minds. Those exact things that are keeping you up at night are the issues that our dreams address every night when we sleep. We do Dream Assignments to get the guidance from Inner Wisdom regarding those issues. However, if you’re not going to do a Dream Assignment, there’s another way to quiet the mind and put those issues out of your head. Breathe! Even 10 minutes of long, rounded, deep breathing will normally do the trick. I remember one time many years ago when I was probably the most afraid I’ve ever been because of a failing business. How was I going to take care of the family?? I hadn’t slept well for weeks, often tossing and turning most of the night. On one particularly bad night when all looked lost, I decided to ditch the hamster breath and breathe properly for as long as it took to stop being afraid. It took 40 minutes and I found myself in a semi-euphoric state before dropping into a deep sleep. Prana, a Sanskrit term meaning “breath” also means “life.” The breath and life as one and the same. Breathe your way into life. Let your breath be your dream catcher.  Sweet Dreams!

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