I Dreamed Linda’s Plane Crashed Into The Ocean – What Does That Mean?

Dreams Aren’t Literal

This is a snippet of a dream I had a while ago. Looking at this dream seems to imply big trouble for my wife, Linda, on an upcoming plane flightplane - moont. But not so fast. Let’s take a look at what the dream is really saying:

Every symbol in the  dream is a part of me (David). The David in the dream is Masculine Mind (MM). Linda is Feminine Mind (FM), the plane is Authoritarian Mind AM) and the ocean is Spiritual Mind (SM). My MM is afraid my FM will be killed because my AM is crashing into my SM. Later in the dream I find out that Linda is fine and somehow enjoying swimming in the ocean. I now find that the message in the dream is that the rules and beliefs that are like the plane must be destroyed if my FM is to immerse itself in my SM and be renewed. There is no need for my MM to be afraid of this natural process. Obviously, there was much more detail in this DreamWork Dream Interpretation, but you get the idea. Dreams aren’t literal.

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